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CLPB   All Natural Lip Balm - Coffee
OLPB   All Natural Lip Balm - Orange
PPLPB   All Natural Lip Balm - Peppermint
ULPB   All Natural Lip Balm - Unscented
LPBGS   All Natural Lip Balm Gift Set
BFBR   Black Forest Bar Soap - Bear Design
BFBL   Black Forest Bar Soap - Buffalo Design
BFM   Black Forest Bar Soap - Maple Leaf Design
BFB   Black Forest Bar Soap - Marbled Swirl Design
BFBM   Black Forest Bar Soap - Moose Design
BFS   Black Forest Bar Soap - Sheep Design
CBS   Cocoa Bar Soap - Swirled Design
CBLB   Cocoa Botanical Lotion Bar
CMLB   Cocoa-Mint Botanical Lotion Bar
COLB   Cocoa-Orange Botanical Lotion Bar
CRLB   Cocoa-Rose Botanical Lotion Bar
SPGS   Cotton Spa Cloth Gift Set
Osp-b   Orange Spice Bar Soap
Osp-c   Orange Spice Soap - Caterpillar Design
Osp-q   Orange Spice Soap - Queen of Hearts Design
Osp-h   Orange Spice Soap - Trojan Horse Design
SMCS   Soap of the Month Club
SMPLR   Soap Sampler
SEB   Spices from the East Bar Soap - Marbled Swirl Design
SEC   Spices from the East Soap - Cameo Design
SSB   Sweet Sage Bar Soap - Marbled Swirl Design
SSBF   Sweet Sage Soap - Bee and Flower Design
SSCC   Sweet Sage Soap - Cheshire Cat Design
SSMH   Sweet Sage Soap - Mad Hatter Design
UBS   Unscented Bar Soap - Cornflower Design
BSUO   Unscented Oatmeal Bar Soap - Three-Leaf Design
RSO   Unscented Oatmeal Soap - Rooster Design
SSO   Unscented Oatmeal Soap - Sheep Design
BSU   Unscented Soap - Bunny Design
WOSR   White Oak Soap Rest

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