Black Maple Glen, LLC

Our mission is to bring beauty into the every-day for our customers by creating natural, hand-made, environmentally-friendly products that are as appealing as they are functional.

Black Maple Glen is...

All-natural ingredients are a must in all of our product formulations. Our handcrafted soap is gentle on your skin, and is made with a perfect balance between cleansing and conditioning oils. Natural soap is also an environmentally responsible choice, as it is biodegradable. We never use any synthetic additives, and our soaps are scented only with essential oils, botanical extracts, herbs, and spices.
We even include a little bit of the "local flavor" in our soaps, all of which contain NH-made maple syrup - it helps create a mild soap with a sudsy lather. Our balms and moisturizers are also free of any synthetic ingredients.

High-quality products start with high-quality ingredients. A high percentage of our all-natural ingredients are organic. We use food-grade base oils and lye. The essential oils in our products are excellent quality and are either steam-distilled or CO2 extracted - we never use solvent-extracted essential oils, so there will never be any trace of chemical solvents in our soap. We strive for every aspect of our products (appearance, scent, texture, etc.) to create a pleasant experience.

As mentioned above, using all-natural formulations makes our products more
environmentally-friendly than the chemical-ridden options you'll often find elsewhere. We also strive to use the most environmentally-friendly packaging and shipping materials we can find. From paperboard lip balm tubes to recycled shipping materials, we make an effort to offer products you can feel good about using - for your own sake, and for the environment.

We strive to make every product special. While it's very important to us that our products are safe and gentle on you and the environment, it's also very important that they're aesthetically pleasing, fun to use, and never boring!

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